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Thassos is one of the most beautiful islands of the Aegean that combines the green of pine and olive trees with the blue of sea and unique sandy beaches. Since ancient times was a place where the arts and letters flourished. Dionysus the god of joy and wine was worshiped in the Island that is full of ancient monuments.

In recent decades tourism has given a unique touch to the island that become a favorite holiday destination without distorting its natural beauty and hospitality.


Pachis is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. The beach is sandy and has a comfortable parking. Alongside the beach you can find relaxing beach bars and a tavern that you can enjoy a drink or a meal. The beach is full of pine trees that make natural shade.
Distance from Armonia Villas: 350km


Glyfoneri is a beautiful small beach that due to northerly orientation has a natural shade of the pine trees even inside the sea! Glyfoneri is ideal for children because the sea is shallow for many meters and has shade during midday hours. Above the beach is located homonymous tavern where you can enjoy wonderful appetizers while Armonia Villas are just 100 meters far away.
Distance from Armonia Villas: 100km


Giola is a natural pool made of rock with green blue water. Formed through centuries by the sea waves that curved the rocks. The water are warmer than in the sea and have a depth of about three meters. The legend says that the pool was created by Jupiter as a pool for Venus.

Distance from Armonia Villas: 44km


Paradise is one of the most famous beaches of Thassos. Located in the eastern part of the island among a unique pine forest area after Kinira. In front of the beach is the verdant islet Kinira which offers a unique perspective to the visitors of the beach.
Distance from Armonia Villas: 43km


Saliara (marble beach) is located northeast of the island and is about 5 km from the Port. This is a unique beach together with Vathi, which is a few meters from Saliara as the marble quarries and the dust produced when cutting marble is blended with the sand creating a pure white colour which in conjunction with the shallow sea ​​and the beautiful bay move the visitor into a real magical place.
Distance from Armonia Villas: 15km


Kazaviti (Megalos Prinos) is one of the prettiest villages of Thassos that have kept traditional Thassian architecture. In the village square with its enormous plane trees you can enjoy delicious food and get refreshed due the hot summer afternoons. Have a walk through the narrow alleys of the village and visit the old church of the Twelve Apostles.
Distance from Armonia Villas: 13km


Limenas (Thassos) is the capital of the island and the first view of the visitor from Keramoti. Limenas along with Limenaria in Southern Section is the center of the nightlife of the island. The sidewalk (10th of October)  is full of shops, folk art and restaurants. Most bars are located to the east after the old port. The visitor should visit Old Port, Kalogeriko (cultural center), the Archaeological Museum, the ancient Acropolis and the ancient Theater.

Distance from Armonia Villas: 9km